All brands of pressure washers & steam cleaners repaired in shop or your location.

We Repair All Brands

You know we get asked all the time if we can repair pressure washers and steam cleaners that were purchased somewhere else. Well the answer is, YES! There is a common misconception that the place the pressure washer was purchased from is the ONLY place that can repair it. That is simply untrue and a fallacy made up by some companies to trap users into staying with them. We have personnel that have atteneded countless service schools at many manufacturers and service schools. So if you have a Hotsy, bring it in or call us out. The same is true with Landa. Of course, we’ve worked on countless Alkota pressure washers and steam cleaners. Even the old Electro Magic pressure washers and steam cleaners we work on. There are alot of European machines out there like Karcher and KEW, and yes we have been to their service schools also. We are a BE representative, so we obviously can work on those for you. We do business with Hydrotek also, so let us help you with your reliability issues with those pressure washers.

Machines We’ve Repaired

The following is a list of machines we repair. If it’s not on here, call us and inquire, chances are we fix it too!

  • MitmBE Pressure Washers
  • Landa
  • Hotsy
  • Electro Magic
  • Alkota Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners
  • Pressure pro
  • Magnum
  • Cuda Parts Washing Cabinets
  • Renegade Parts Washers
  • JRI Parts Washing Cabinets
  • Alkota Water Treatment Systems
  • KEW Pressure Washers
  • Aaladin Pressure Washers
  • Aaladin Parts Washing Cabinets
  • EPPS Part Washers
  • Curtis Air Compressors
  • Mitm Air Compressors
  • Ingersol Rand Air Compressors
  • Quincy Air Compressors